The Prevention Programs subcommittee oversees the programs related to nursing, long-term care, and illness and injury prevention health programs. Programs under their purview include;

  • Alberta First Nations Food Security Strategy
  • Alberta First Nations Food Sovereignty Declaration
  • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
  • Federal Tobacco Control Strategy
  • Healthy Child Development – Public Health Nursing services & Community Health Representatives (CHRs)
  • Communicable Disease Control – Public Health Nursing services & Community Health Representatives (CHRs)
  • Clinical and Client Care (CCC) Professional Development
  • CCC Nursing – Direct Service Delivery
  • CCC Other – Direct Service Delivery (not including nursing)
  • Home and Community Care (HCC) Policy Development & Program Oversight
  • HCC Service Delivery
  • HCC Professional Development
  • HCC Planning
  • Nutrition
  • Nutrition North Canada

The Prevention Programs subcommittee programs are generally geared toward activities and programs that promote healthy choices in eating, quitting smoking, preventing injury, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Calvin Badger
Calvin BadgerCo-Chair
Brent Henry
Brent HenryCo-Chair