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Health Co-Management is a structure unique to Alberta. Of all of the provinces and territories, Alberta has a unique structure where First Nations and the federal government have an opportunity to work together to make decisions on funding and programs to improve the health of First Nations in Alberta.

First Nations have the ability to vote on federal funding and programs, and Health Co-Management gives First Nations in Alberta a vehicle to be at the decision-making table.

Whether you are a community member, a health expert, or leadership, health is the foundation to a good life, and having a say empowers First Nations in Alberta to take the lead in our own health.

HCOM 101

The HCoM structure.

HCoM is an agreement signed between First Nations in Alberta and the Government of Canada on November 18, 1996. The agreement would ensure that funding would remain in Alberta and that First Nations would be able to make decisions on how to allocate it.

The Health Co-Management Committee is comprised of two Chiefs from Treaty 6, 7, and 8, as well as two representatives from First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB). The Treaty areas and FNIHB each have one vote. There is one FNIHB co-chair and one First Nations co-chair. Health Co-Management is accountable to the Assembly of Treaty Chiefs, i.e. the signatories of the agreement.

The Co-Management Committee oversees six subcommittees: Children and Youth, Health Protection, Mental Health and Addictions, Non-Insured Health Benefits, Ops and Support, and Prevention Programs. Modelled after the Co-Management Committee’s structure, each subcommittee also has eight representatives and has one FNIHB co-chair and one First Nations co-chair, who is appointed by the representatives. The voting structure is the same as HCoM.

The Co-chairs of the committees also meet as a group to discuss duplication of services, gaps, and ways in which they can better align work to address priorities.
The HCoM Secretariat acts as an administrative body to prepare for meetings, compile relevant materials, train new First Nations representatives, and act as a community outreach.

For more information, please email us at admin@hcom.ca.

The HCoM secretariat.

The Health Co-Management secretariat is a highly skilled team. Combined, the secretariat has over 25 years of experience in First Nations health and building good relationships, which is key in the HCoM process.

We at the Health Co-Management Secretariat support the HCoM process in any way that Health Co-Management needs: we compile meeting packages; fan out information to our partners, including HCoM members and representatives, meeting observers, information experts, and community members; organize venues and logistics; provide historical or cross-committee context at meetings; and provide advice to subcommittee members, reps, and co-chairs.

The HCoM Secretariat is your link to the HCoM process, and our inbox is always open for your questions, concerns, and comments!