HCOM Evaluation Report & Steering Committee Letter


HCOM Evaluation Report 2015

HCOM Evaluation Steering Letter link

Thank you for your support and participation in the recent HCOM Evaluation. Your participation and recommendations only strengthens the Health Co-Management processes and activities, which in turn enhances our ability to meet the needs of First Nation communities in Alberta. This email contains two documents, which are:
1. HCOM Evaluation Report
2. HCOM Evaluation Steering Committee Letter
The HCOM Evaluation Report is a comprehensive document that captures all of your voices and provided 11 key recommendations. The report is divided into five sections, these sections are:
1. Introduction
2. Current Status of Health Co-Management in Alberta
3. Data Collection and Findings: HCOM Emerging Themes
4. Recommendations
5. Appendices
Upon reviewing the HCOM Evaluation Report the HCOM Evaluation Steering Committee, which is comprised of senior representatives from all three Treaty areas and First Nations Inuit Health Branch, drafted a recommendation letter identifying the priorities and timelines for implementation for the recommendations. The letter can be used a quick reference for the HCOM Evaluation report as the letter specifically identifies the recommendations in the report and prioritizes them. Upon further reflection, the HCOM Evaluation steering committee brought forward two additional actions that were presented to the HCOM Committee and the AoTC Chiefs of Alberta. They are:
1. That the HCOM Secretariat review and assesses progress on the recommendations emerging from previous Co-Management evaluations
2. The Co-Management Chiefs to recommend to the Chiefs in the Assembly to begin to work on a bilateral process for health
The NEXT STEPS for the HCOM Evaluation will be the implementation of the recommendations in sequence of the identified priorities. Each recommendation involves different partners and in some cases the recommendations are linked and need to sequence one another. The Operations & Support Sub Committee will be reviewing the HCOM Evaluation Steering Committee letter in-depth and will be providing guidance on steps to move forward as a region.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all your support and enthusiasm to positively impact the health of First Nations in Alberta. Evaluations such as this are a collaborative and constructive process because the opportunity for review, recommendations and implementation are done with the intent of quality improvement and better health outcomes.