IBERA Update


Alberta First Nation

IBERA Software Installation

Please forward to HCOM, the name and contact information of the employee(s) who will have Ibera installed on their computer.


Indigenous Body Educational Resource Animations (IBERA) is an audio-visual aide to be used by First Nations  organizations in Alberta as well as individuals working in the health and education sectors. The IBERA tool is designed to make it easy for health practitioners and teachers at all levels to educate children, adults and patients on the human body.

The IBERA tool is simply the best way to save time and money by educating patients as part of their treatment process, enabling earlier detection of potentially chronic conditions and encouraging them to be active in their health management.

The IBERA package contains the IBERA Tool on a disc, the IBERA Security Dongle and the Security Dongle Driver. Once the IBERA Tool, Security Dongle and Driver are installed, the Tool is ready for immediate use.

Version 1 of the IBERA Tool contains 70 animations across 16 categories which are relevant to males and females of all age groups. The package also includes a disc containing the IBERA Manual and a set of IBERA Fact Sheets covering each of the animations.

The IBERA package comes in three formats – a single license format, a group license format, which contains four licenses, and a network license format.

The Current Situation:

The HCOM Secretariat has purchased a group license format and will be the host network for this product.  The license is good for 12 months commencing March, 2011.  HCOM has teamed with the First Nations (AB) Technical Services Advisory Group (TSAG), an organization that provides technical services and training for Alberta First Nations in the Treaty 6, Treaty 7 and Treaty 8 areas. Over the coming months, TSAG technicians will be contacting you to install the software remotely along with the Security Dongle & driver, so that you will be able to begin using this helpful tool immediately.

Each community will have at least one (1) computer that can receive this software, so it will be important that you consider which computer will best fit the intended application.  In some cases, this will be a desk top computer in the health centre, the school or perhaps for more flexibility, a laptop that will have the flexibility for a more varied application.  Please forward to HCOM, the name and contact information of the employee(s) who will have Ibera installed on their computer.

In order to see a demonstration of the software visit their website @:  www.ibera.ca.

For more information or if you have questions contact us @ info@hcom.ca.