About HCoM

Co-management is a sharing of responsibility and resources between governments and users. In this case, Health Co-management is a sharing of responsibility between Health Agencies, such as First Nations of Alberta, Health Canada and the Assembly of Treaty Chiefs.


Health Co-management represents First Nations communities in Alberta. We work to advocate for the holistic health of individuals in these communities. This advocacy is separated into six categories, which are handled by six sub-committees:

Priorities 2010-2015

The Co-Management Committee approved priorities for the upcoming five year period starting in 2010. The priorities inform the work being done by all of the subcommittees and is reflected in the work plans.

There are five Health Co-Management priorities:

  1. Increase collaboration between partners
  2. Positively change health outcomes
  3. Improve collection, access and use of health data
  4. Achieve strategic outcomes:
    • Improved immunization rates
    • Reduced rates of teenage pregnancies
    • Increased age of initiation to alcohol
    • Accredited Health Director Training
    • Prevention of Child Abuse
    • Reduced incidence of gang-related activities and incidence of family violence
  5. Recommitment to Co-Management principles

The Co-Management Committee recognizes the challenges associated with each of these areas and regular updates will continue to ensure that progress continues.