About HCoM

Co-management is a sharing of responsibility and resources between governments and users. In this case, Health Co-management is a sharing of responsibility between Health Agencies, such as First Nations of Alberta, Health Canada, and the Assembly of Treaty Chiefs.


Health Co-management represents First Nations communities in Alberta. We work to advocate for the holistic health of individuals in these communities. This advocacy is separated into six categories, which are handled by six sub-committees:

2017: A Year of Change

Health Co-Management is currently undergoing structural changes to better serve the needs of First Nations. Our first goal is always better Indigenous health outcomes, so HCoM is changing to be more streamlined, more focused, and easier to access.

In the coming months, Health Co-Management will be planning for Budget 2017, discussing a new strategic plan, and continuing to forge a path forward for Indigenous health in Alberta.

As always, feel free to contact the Secretariat for more information on how you can be involved in the HCoM process.